Rolling My Own CMS : That’s Right, Reinventing The Wheel All Day Long

I started building the blog portion of my website this week and wanted to take the opportunity to do something a little different. Yeah, I can write on tumblr, but this medium is much more of a casual and unprofessional space to speak my mind and reblog cool looking stuff. My professional site is for potential clients to look at; the future blog section of this site is going to be 100% technical and professionally focused. Anyways, I decided to roll my own blogging platform. Wordpress works fine for most people but rather than use a dummy proof user interface I actually like the freedom of writing html, css, and javascript. I feel like most software is made for the lowest common denominator. If I know html, css, and javascript already why not just use it to write blog posts so I don’t have any restraints? I am looking at the blog post from a paradigm of “every blog post is an app”. A perfect example of the “post as an app” paradigm is the recent post I wrote on how to add a pay pal payment button to your tumblr posts ; not only does it have instructions, but it also has a javascript app built straight in the post that will convert your paypal generated code in to tumblr safe code. I want for every blog post I write to be useful not only in the content I provide, but as interactive tools. A blog post could include calculators, interactive maps, vector charts, games, etc…. I basically started building this so that when I have an idea to write a blog post I am not limited by using only text, images, video, and audio. I believe that a good design principle is to design things that you wish existed and then use them regularly. Eat your own dog food. 

Below is a snapshot of what I have built so far. 


If you would like to get a demo to the polished and completed product then fill out the form in the link below and I will send you some account credentials. I plan on putting this on a demo server so I can show it off to people. It is a really cool interface built with backbone.js and a RESTful django backend.

A fresh empty notebook feels so good.

Downtown San Antonio

Wen’t downtown San Antonio today. Even worse than the last time I visited. homeless people everywhere and you have to hold your breath the majority of the time as to not inhale shit and piss fumes. Probably not a good sign that Julian Castro is the new leader in our country for urban development. Seriously, if the San Antonio mayor is the crème de la crème of transforming an urban landscape then we are not in a good place.

Cosmo got neutered. 

How To Add A PayPal Buy Button To Your Posts And Pages


I made a code generator that makes the pay pal buy button code work on tumblr. I also wrote a blog post with instructions on how to set it up. 

A lot of people ask me for online stores. Most of the time they don’t want to spend very much money. I recommend shopify but a lot of the time people just need to take donations or sell 1 or 2 products; Shopify is a little overkill for that. Tumblr is free, paypal is easy. 

link below: 

How To Add A PayPal Buy Button To Your Posts And Pages

Pay Pal even lets you set your redirect link. The user is taken back here after they purchase. 

I think tumblr is a great platform to sell products